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We would like to share with you the variety of life in The Parc through our blog. Every student in The Parc can become a blogger with their own style of writing and reveal the uniqueness of The Parc environment. A mixture of contributions shows people, their achievements, events and annual statistics. In interviews with students and mentors, you will get insight into the scientific and personal lives of the people in The Parc. Furthermore, you will find articles related to our awards, conferences, internships and workshops.

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  1. The Parc in 2019

    Let’s summarize the year 2019 in The Parc. An outstanding track record was achieved in 2019: 29 PhD. students included in the program, 16 publications in impacted journals, 1 patent application, 30 international conference presentations, 6 plenary and keynote lectures, 8 research grants obtained and 4 students finalized their studies. 

    1. Jun 6 2020
  2. Interview of our student Ondra Rychecký

    We interviewed one of our senior students to give you further insight into life in The Parc. According to Ondra's colleagues, he is very outgoing, a great person to work with and does his best to fulfill his roles and duties. He is a researcher, consultant of several bachelor and master students and a fresh father. Meet Ondra Rychecký!

    1. May 19 2020
  3. The Parc Awards 2019

    The Parc awarded very special prices to the best students. Denisa Lizoňová received The Student Choice Award and The Expert Choice Award went to Vojtěch Klimša. Besides the original prices designed by Marathon Studio, both winning students have the option to attend a scientific conference of their choice with all the expenses covered by Zentiva.

    1. Apr 20 2020
  4. Is going for a PhD in Czechia worth it nowadays?

    It’s a question that many master’s students ask themselves at some point. The answer, especially in pharmacy and chemistry, isn’t trivial. It depends on many external factors. To aid the students in their decision, we interviewed many of them and tried to address their questions and concerns.

    1. Apr 20 2020