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We would like to share with you the variety of life in The Parc through our blog. Every student in The Parc can become a blogger with their own style of writing and reveal the uniqueness of The Parc environment. A mixture of contributions shows people, their achievements, events and annual statistics. In interviews with students and mentors, you will get insight into the scientific and personal lives of the people in The Parc. Furthermore, you will find articles related to our awards, conferences, internships and workshops.

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  1. The Parc – a fertile ground for innovation in pharma

    The Parc responds to current challenges of pharmaceutical research related to the nature of low-molecular-weight active substances having poor solubility and low bioavailability. A number of outputs shows technological approaches leading to bioavailability increase. Recently created start-ups offer unique technologies applicable for such purposes.

    1. Mar 28 2022
  2. Why is the collaboration with industry a great idea

    As a pharmaceutical research platform is still a quite new concept in the Czech Republic, we decided to share with you how students of The Parc can benefit from having an industrial partner included in their study. Explore the cooperation with industry through the eyes of our student Eva Petříková.

    1. Sep 27 2021
  3. The Parc in the pandemic year 2020

    We are proud of our achievements in The Parc in 2020 and we would like to share them with you. In this contribution, we are bringing the short summaries in the areas: People in The Parc, Scientific Achievements, Education, Funding and Communication. Let's look at the year 2020 in The Parc.

    1. Apr 30 2021
  4. Introducing Marathon Studio – Our brand designers

    Are pharmaceutical scientists from The Parc open to fresh design ideas? How are the trophies for The Parc awards made? And who comes up with the ideas? If you want to know answers to these questions, read an interview with Adrian Jansa, one of the core creators of The Parc brand.

    1. Apr 12 2021
  5. Interview with Pavel Kovačík

    What does The Parc mean to one of our most active student supervisors from the industry? Meet Pavel Kovačík, freshly married and now also on a new career path. Over the last years, he facilitated multiple PhD research projects and provided assistance to many of our students while performing the duties of his job as a leading formulation manager.

    1. Sep 8 2020