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Our Philosophy and Goals

The Parc is a pharmaceutical research platform offering a post-graduate program that is based on collaboration between academic and industrial partners. It allows you to solve real problems directly connected to some of today’s major challenges and implement results into real products!

At The Parc we want to build an environment for creative and talented students who will be able to solve current and future challenges of pharmaceutical research. Master and doctoral students work under joined supervision of academic leaders and industrial scientists. In The Parc you will gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills for your future professional career.

Study overview Current PhD topics

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Scientific Focus of the Program

We focus on pharmaceutical research from discovery of new solid forms of active pharmaceutical ingredients to development of drug products and their in vivo testing. Research topics are defined in collaboration between the academic leaders and industrial experts.

Our Partners

The main industrial partner of the program is Zentiva, generic pharmaceutical company based in Prague, Czech Republic. Academic partners include University of Chemistry and Technology Prague, Faculty of Science of Charles University and Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague, Czech Republic.

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